Saturday, January 8, 2011

Little Gold Pocket Watch

Hello, there!
I'm Miranda... welcome to my blog.
I got into fashion about a year ago, and now it's an obsession!

To me, building a outfit is like building a character when you're acting. I love theatre, and I think that love carried over to my love of fashion. My mood affects my outfit, and my outfit affects my mood.

I became addicted to fashion blogs about a year or so ago and now I have several that I follow religiously! Over Christmas break I got inspired to start my own blog. I named it Little Gold Pocket Watch because of the necklace I'm wearing in these pictures - it was my favorite present! I'd had my eye on it, but it was waayyy out of my price range. When my aunt bought it for me, I couldn't believe it! It's a vintage pocket watch that an artist remade into a necklace. I'm in love!

I want this blog to be an adventure! I love fashion and sharing my style with people. 
And shooting these photos was my first adventure! I would have shot more, but we were run off the tracks by a man who started yelling at us to get off! Of course, he was just worried about our safety, but still. Fashion first! ;)

 Welcome to Little Gold Pocket Watch!

(Dress: Nordstrom's. Shoes: Ana Marino. Tights: Betsey Johnson. Fedora: Bailey)


blorange dice said...

OH wow, that necklace rules!!! so do these pictures.

GoldBlackMirror said...

welcome dear i like your style!! it´s the firt time i see your blog and is so good.
kisses from Spain.

Ann said...

All your pictures are so pretty! You have wonderful taste!

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