Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashion Show

The fashion show pictures are here!
Ok, so, I mentioned Russ and Shane in Photo Shoot. Well, I've modeled for them once before (that's the only modeling I've ever done before haha) and they asked me if I wanted to model for them at a school's beauty pageant. 
So I had the time of my life picking 6 prom dresses to wear for the 10 minute intermission type show!

(Recognize the dress?)
Anyway, the show was CRAZY! After Shane and Russ did our (amazing) hair and makeup (there were about 10 models), we had to sit and wait for like 2 hours for the actual pageant to be over. 
But once our 10 minute show started, it was insane! After we modeled a dress, we bolted backstage to put on another one. I have never run so fast in 6 inch heels before. It's a miracle I survived that part! 

Speaking of amazing hair and makeup, don't you love the feathers? Russ found them in a flower arrangement in the shop that the dresses were from :)


Me with Russ (left) and Shane (right)!! They're awesome :)

I'm excited about posting the pictures from New Orleans! 
Here's a hint: They include taffy, a lamppost, and a horse...ooh, crypyic... :)

Which dress do you like the most?



stacey margaret said...

your beautiful! and these are lovely dresses you lucky duck.


diana kang said...

you look stunning! xx

Maria E. said...

Awesome pics! You look gorgeous! The dresses are all lovely; my favorite is the blue ruffle-y one. ☺

Maria E.

GoldBlackMirror said...

Guapaaaaa! menudo bellezón!, tienes mucho arte!. un beso.

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