Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gracy and Me!

I haven't done an outfit post in a while...I need to get more of a schedule going! But it was mainly because the weather has been so ugly! It's been rainy and wet and dark and freezing cold. But today the sun finally came out and it was only a little chilly.

I wear this bow top from Charlotte Russe with everything! I've noticed that I wear a lot of gray and black. I don't know why. I guess I've just never been into a lot of flashy colors... and you can't go wrong with black!
The military jacket was only $12 at Dillard's! I originally got it for a party, but it just didn't fit my outfit. But for 12 bucks, I definitely kept it and now I love it! 

My lovely kitty, Gracy... not amused. :)

Have a lovely Superbowl weekend!  (I'm cheering for the commercials!)

(Shirt - C.R. Jacket - Dillard's. Jeans - C.R. Boots - Diba.) 


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

You are stunning! I am in love with your top. I would wear it with everything too. And thats a great price for your jacket! Your cat is adorable. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Lauren said...

I agree with Chelsea here, you ARE stunning!! And the pictures are wonderful. And your outfit. And yeah, your cat too. Ha! Basically everything about this post is wonderful. Love your blog ;)

~Lauren :)

Cassandra said...

real pretty.
cute cat.


oh, what a gorgeous outfit post! I love, love the photography. Your top and booties are adorable, haha, love the pictures with your cat too funny. xx veronika

Marie-Eve said...

That top is adorable. Love the boots too. Great outfit.

Sydney, The Rabbit-Hearted Girl said...

girl, you are gorgeous! and that top is so cute. i'm a sucker for anything with bows :)

Hannah said...

ha, well Im going to get on the band-wagon here and say ; WOW YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!
and I love that bow top :) x

blorange dice said...

you look so pretty! haha i cheer for superbowl commercials, too. cool shirt - and that jacket was a steal!

audrey marie said...

cute outfit! it is SO hard to do outfit pics in the winter. i've been braving the snow to take some and people think your crazy :)

TC said...

I LOVE that shirt!

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