Friday, February 11, 2011

Polka Dots and Bows

I just got back from the fashion show! We got lots of awesome pictures, so hopefully I'll have those up soon!
We shot these pictures in the FREEZING COLD! Yeah, the whole "sheer tights with open-toed shoes and a thin little dress" thing doesn't really work when there's snow and ice on the ground. 
As I waddled unattractively across the slippery ice, my mom kept shouting, "Look graceful! Look graceful!" Haha, so here's my attempt:

I planned to pick up some snow and throw it in the air, but it was all frozen solid, so I had to scrape some into my (already freezing) hands! Oh, the things we do for fashion :)

I'm not slipping, I' yeah I was just trying not to fall over and die :)

Did I mention it was COLD?! 

I love my little red bow dress from Rue 21! It was about $10, I think. It's just so adorable and totally fits my personality. And with the dot tights and dotted bow headband, I felt like a bow-and-dot overload! But come on, you can never have too many dots and bows, right?
Well, I am a bit exhausted from the show (full story in a soon-to-come post) so I'll turn in :)

Oh! P.S.! I'm going to New Orleans soon so I'm super excited to shoot some outfits there!

(Dress - Rue21. Tights - C.R. Cardigan - Banana Republic. Shoes - Dillard's.)


Maria E. said...

I love this outfit! :) And I totally can relate with trying not slip and die during pictures, haha, every time I go to my garage door to take pics I always half slip and fall on my way up to it. :P :)

-- Maria E.

Becky-May said...

Lovely look! That dress is so cute :)

The Flower Girl

minnja said...

you look great :)))


Kayla said...

You are so adorable!
I love all these photos and you have an amazing blog!
Hope you come and follow mine :)

EevvaStyle said...

what a perfect look! I like it!

emily said...

you look lovely :) i love the bow prints!!

CessOviedo said...

h how cute are those tights, love the little mix and matching, totally girly!

I'm having a Vday Giveaway tomorrow, hope you can join! xo

dEJOISS said...

Great look and lovely photos. :))

Dejoiss said...

Awww too cute! Thanks for braving the chill to show us some adorable pics!


Flashes of Style said...

Oh your style is so sweet! I love your bow dress <33

Paola said...


Angie Aquarius said...

These pics are so cute and funny! You look stunning! Your dress is absolutely gorgeous!

*From Munich With Love*

Kate Russell said...

You are adorable.

TC said...

I love your style!! this outfit is so cute! I can totally relate to going outside in the cold and taking pictures in not so warm clothes...haha

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