Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fashion in Film: 500 Days of Summer

It's time for another Fashion In Film post! This time it's all about 500 Days of Summer, a wonderful, adorable, aggravating (yes), awesome movie. Of course Zooey Deschanel somehow always manages to play characters that wear adorable vintage dresses and such. Do you think she requests that?:)

First, let me just say that this isn't just about Zooey - Joseph Gordon-Levitt wore the best clothes, too! Why don't more guys wear sweater vests and skinny ties?!

The costumes were by Hope Hanafin. She and director Marc Webb decided that Summer's color would be blue, and that no one else would wear it....

...except in this AMAZING dance sequence, where the background dancers wear blue as well. This shows that Tom's world is filled with Summer.

As cool as Zooey's style is, after watching this movie I kind of don't like her. Awful, right? Haha, it's just that her character is so... urgh!! If you've seen the movie you should know what I mean ;) 

One reason I loved the movie was that there were tons of random segments to it. Besides the fact that the scenes were not in order, there was a dance sequence, a split screen that showed Tom's expectations vs. reality, and a little silent movie type film. 

I hope you've enjoyed this Fashion in Film feature! I will now leave you with the most epic dance scene ever. If this doesn't make you fall in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I don't know what will. Enjoy. :)

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Maria E. said...

I've been dying to see that movie! I love pretty much anything Zooey Deschanel, and she does always wear the cutest vintage-y clothes. :)
(And that dance scene is sooo adorable! Love the Hall and Oates song too! Way to go 70's and 80's music! haha)

-- Maria

blorange dice said...

ohhm my gosh, yes, i LOVE him! and zooey is so pretty! i still like her even though her character in the movie annoyed me haha. both of them did have an incredible wardrobe. i just might have to re-watch this tonight! (:

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