Saturday, April 23, 2011

Graphic Design

     Hello! Happy day-before-Easter! 
     I seriously need to get on a better schedule of blogging... it's getting pretty bad... I haven't posted in a week :(
     Well, in brighter news, I have a 5 day weekend (Friday through Tuesday) for Easter, and then I'm off again next Friday because of my school's prom (which, sadly, I am not attending). Yay! So that means that I have a 2 day school week coming up!!! I'm so ready for summer to come, it's insane!!!!!

     These boots are my newest find. I bought them at Payless for $29 along with some Jellies for $9. I was so excited! I had some Jellies when I was little and I wore them ALL the time - even after they didn't fit me anymore :) 

     I got my hair cut yesterday! Which is why it actually looks good! It will never look like this again... until I go back to get it cut ;) Sigh...

       I went to a little vintage shop earlier this week. I don't know why I do that to myself. Everything is so pretty and vintage-y and *expensive* that I want it all!!! It's so sad. Haha... but I tried on these ADORABLE oxford heels and fell in love. But they were, as I mentioned, expensive, so I left them there with all the other cute vintage pieces I wanted so badly.
     But wait! This story does end happily! My mom found the (pretty much) exact same shoes online at Forever 21 for about 23 dollars! And they have free shipping for purchases over $50, so I just had to buy about $25 worth of cute clothes so that the total would be over $50... it was hard. But I had to do it. 
     I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter and eats a ton of chocolate, jelly beans, and Peeps! :)

Shorts - F21
                    Shirt - Idk...Macy's maybe?
        Headband - Rue 21
   Boots - Payless
       Glasses - Wal-Mart


Maria E. said...

I love your shorts! And your boots! They're kinda like the vintage ones I have that I wear all the time. :) And your haircut is so cute! It reminds me that I need a haircut sometime really soon...last time I got it done the lady really screwed it up and I want the layers to grow out a bit more before I mess with them again, haha.


Jocee said...

Ohmygosh I LOVE your outfit!! It's cool and sweet and I'm in love with your boots. The flower is pretty and so is your hair and you're absolutely gorgeous and oh, I think I'm going to play dress up now :))
-Jocee <3

TC said...

Those shorts are amazing! And those boots, I can't believe you got them for only $29! You're so lucky to get a 5 day weekend for easter, my school doesn't even get any days off for easter.. Also, you always find the coolest places to take your pictures. Sorry for the novel of a comment haha

Sara said...

adorable outfit! i love your shoes :)

Elisa said...

So cute!!! :) I have never actually had my hair cut... Other than my mom trimming the edges... :( It's because my dad likes it long and would KILL me if I got it cut short. lol

SomeoneLikeYou said...

You are seriously so beautiful! Everytime you put up new photo sets I'm in awe of your radiant smile and the boundless energy in your photos. You my dear a true gem!!

Hope you have just a lovely easter :)

throughtwoblueeyes said...

The shoes are super! You are such a blessed young lady! :D I really love all your posts! They make me want to do some photo shoots for my blog! :D

~Jamie Joyce


IN LOVE WITH THE BOOTS. too cool to boot!



Pop Champagne said...

this is such a cute outfit! I love the shorts with the dotted top, and the colors are adorable too! love :D

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