Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello, Ernestina!

Well, here it is! My Ernestina Money costume (from Costume Holiday House). I love acting and I was soooo excited when I got Ernestina - I got to go crazy and show that I can do comedy (I usually get more serious characters). I was only in one scene, but I got to sing off-key in a New York accent, which was pretty awesome :)  It was so much fun!
And my cat, Gracy, enjoyed lounging with my feather boa...

 What can I say? She's a natural model :)


Elisa said...

Oooo! That is so awesome! I have always loved Ernestina. You look so cute in that costume! :)


Maria E. said...

Love all the crazy feathers! You definitely look like Ernestina. :) Ooo...would that scene you speak of be "We've Got Elegance"? :)


Miranda said...

Maria - Yeah, right after they sang, I came on. I got to walk up through the audience with a spotlight on me! :)

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