Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A ribbon! And not the kind you think...

 La la la...what a wonderful day! Miranda is just peacefully strolling through her backyard...

  But wait! What's that???

 AAAAHHHH!!!!!!! It's a snake!!!!

(Okay, not right then when I took the picture. But that story scared you, right? Right?? ...Just say yes.)
But about a half hour before, my mom saw what we have concluded was a ribbon snake in her herb garden. Eep! So, yeah, it probably wasn't the best idea to go stomping around near where the snake had been, but oh well. I needed a new outfit post! :P 

This shirt and skirt (which is actually a dress) are from Forever 21! There isn't one where I live (SIGH...), but there is one where my grandparents live. So I finally got to spent my F21 gift card a few weeks ago! Yay! 
My grandma went with me to shop and as we were walking through the mall, we saw a huge Gap poster with male models on it. My grandma pointed and said, "Some of those guys are cute!" And then while we were shopping, she picked up a shirt and said, "This is so ugly it's pathetic!" Haha, it was a fun trip ;)
My telephone necklace is from Charlotte Russe. I want a real telephone like this so badly!  

Well, that's all for now. Have a wonderific, fantastical day!

Shirt - F21
Skirt/Dress - F21
Jacket - Ann Taylor
Shoes - Ann Marino
Glasses - Wal-Mart
Necklace - C.R.


TC said...

I love this outfit so much! And those shoes are amazing!

Sara said...

i love your outfit! especially your shoes!

carolina said...

cute necklace. <3

Julia said...

So cute! Love the necklace. :D

Jemimah C. said...

That's such a cute necklace. And your shoes are to die for! They're so gorgeous!

haze said...


Feeona said...

These shoes are so nice. Very cute outfit (-:

Maria E. said...

Everything about this outfit = adorable in every way

I think I'm in love with your shoes. :)

Yuuuuuck, I hate snakes so much, and now that it's spring I'm constantly keeping an eye out for any of them during my outfit photos. *shiver* :P

-- Maria E.

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Ah, you are just too darling... Not just your outfit but your story, as well! Your pictures in which you "see a snake" royally crack me up :D

Hope you are doing just lovely!

Katie said...

I love ur shoes! Um, I'm kind of a, but your clothes are so cute!

blorange dice said...

you look so cute in that skirt! haha the snake pictures are hilarious. i've actually bought several really cool pieces from charlotte russe in the last year. they have some really cool/cheap things!

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