Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Balloons and Cupcakes...

     My church had its annual festival this weekend! There's always Cajun food, games for the kids, and a live band. This year my friend Kylan and I were helping out, and we ended up selling balloons! It was so awesome. We just got to wander around carrying huge bunches of balloons and enjoying the perfect weather. We felt like such little kids... :)

     And of course when I saw these, I thought of all the bloggers that love cupcakes! So since I can't actually give you guys cupcakes, here are some pictures of them:

     It's got its own little cupcake pedestal!

     My friend Olivia's cute skirt, belt, purse and ring! I forgot to ask her where she got them... oh well. 

That's all for now! Enjoy your Tuesday :)


Maria E. said...

I love your balloon pictures! Super cute. :) And the cupcakes totally made my day..."the cupcake pedestal" hahaha. :)


Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

Those balloon pictures are adorable! And those cupcakes look scrumptious. LOVE that skirt.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Jocee said...

OH. MY. GOSH. CUPCAKES. *drooling like Gollum* Seriously, I need those now. They look oh so good. Oh my goshbubbles. Wow. Great photos. I just wanna reach my hand into the laptop and grab it!!
Lovely balloons, and you look beautiful! :))
-Jocee <3

Manon Margaretha said...

The balloon photo's make me so happy (:
And the cupcakes looks delicious !

Will you please check out my blog sometime? You can follow me if you like !

Emily Rose said...

What pretty pictures! The cupcake pedestal is so cute!

Elisa said...

Awww! You got two of my very favorite things in this post! BALLOONS AND CUPCAKES!!!!! :D hehehe
I love those pictures and you and your friend look very cute.. as always. ^_^
Elisa :)

blorange dice said...

wooo! cupcakes and balloons!! definitely can't go wrong with that combo haha

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