Friday, August 5, 2011

Oops, I Lied...

     It's true. I said I was going to New Orleans, but I sadly wasn't able to.
     ...But I did go to Atlanta! :) I went for a shopping/visiting-friends trip with my best friend and her family. I acquired some very cute fall clothes that I'm excited to post...if it ever gets cooler than like 100 degrees here!
     In other news, I entered a contest on Polyvore, and if you have an account, I'd be just thrilled if you would take a moment to "agree" with my entry! 

     Scroll down to the posts about fall outfits, and then click on their titles to get to the page. Thanks!!
    I'd also like to say that I go back to school on Monday (nooooooo) so bear with me as I figure out a blogging schedule. Hopefully I can stick to it and not wait a week or two in between posts like I always do!


Anna said...

Oh I've been to Atlanta and New Orleans. Both such fun cities. I will forever remember my trip to New Orleans though, so if you can, get there girl. Glad that you had a great trip. Hope your school year starts great!

erin :) said...

best of luck starting school! i feel like you get to travel everywhere! maybe it's because your posts are always in unique places. :]

i start school soon too so i feel your "nooooo" ness (by the way, there is a website for that, ahha, found it:

by the way, i just posted my post (oh redundancy) with the award you tagged me in ! thank you again for that! it really means a lot and i had to keep fighting the urge to tag you again as one of the 7 bloggers :P

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