Thursday, September 29, 2011

Outtakes: Take 2

Once again I am here to make fun of myself and show you some not-so-glamorous shots what would never make the blog... until now. Enjoy some outtakes.

I'm not sure what I'm looking at, but it must have been fascinating.

 It's not easy to balance on top of a tire in tall wedges!

FAIL. Haha this picture cracks me up!

Something odd like this always seems to happen when my mom tells me to pose... I just don't like to take myself too seriously :)

Hope you're all having good weeks! I can't wait for the weekend!


Victoria said...

Silly girl :) your outtakes are still adorable!

charity @ c'est la belle vie said...

whatever, you still look so cute in all of these! I wish my outtakes looked this good, haha :) also, I'm diggin' those shorts in the last shot.

Jocee said...

I think that last photo is just too cute!! Great post :))
-jocee <3

Jamie Rose said...

I love outtake pictures! Mine are always hilarious too. I like to use them in real posts sometimes to change things up. I never want to look too serious!

blorange dice said...

i love your black booties! these are adorable

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