Monday, November 28, 2011

Ok, Starkids... here it is!

As I mentioned two posts ago, I went with a few of my bestest friends to the Starkid SPACE Tour in Charlotte, North Carolina last weekend!
I could literally - quite literally - go on forever about how AMAZING the entire concert was. But I won't. I will restrain myself.
...Or at least I'll try :D The concert was simply the coolest thing EVER! They sang songs from all of their musicals, and I screamed and sang along until I lost my voice. The crowd was amazing, and of course seeing the actual Starkids was the best of all! Here are a few pictures my friend snapped during and after the concert!

Us before the show! Aren't their outfits cute? (I, to my embarrassment, am wearing the same outfit that I posted recently...oops.)

Yes, you're right! They are walking out onto the stage in slow motion while wearing space helmets! (Seriously, that was their entrance. There were strobe lights and everything. It was so cool!)

Joey Richter in all his wonderful adorableness!!!

Meredith Stepien! She is kind of the most fantastic person ever. She does stand up comedy and it's hilarious!

Dylan Saunders singing "Kick It Up a Notch" from Starship...probably the most amazing thing...ever. :O

Since Brian Rosenthal wasn't on the tour, Brian Holden filled in for him during "Different As Can Be" with Joe Walker :D

And now, for the best part... after the show we ran outside to catch the cast as they loaded up the trailers (along with about 200 other people) and we got pictures and autographs!

That is Dylan Saunders. Hugging me. Enough said :D

Joey!! Isn't his famous crooked jaw adorable?!

And last but not least, Jaime! She is such a Disney princess! I really expected to see animated woodland creatures fluttering around her as she signed autographs... she's that sweet! :)

Well, that was my trip in a nutshell. A very small nutshell. In short, it was something I'll never forget! All of the cast members were so down-to-earth and nice, which made me glad to be a fan!
Ok, well, bye now - I'm excited about my next post, which will hopefully be coming really soon!


Marella said...

Cute post!
Great blog! Following! Follow back? <3

Jamie Rose said...

It looks like you had an amazingly fun time! Everyone looked so cute too.
P.S.: Thanks for the incredibly sweet comment on my blog!

PocketWatches said...

does look like you all had a amazing time.

Hybrid Hunter said...

Your blog is so cute :) I love your hair in these photos!

Hybrid Hunter

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