Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby Blue

     First off I'd like to say hello and welcome to my new followers! I'm so glad you're here, and I look forward to seeing all of your blogs.
     I'd also like to say thank you to my wonderful guest bloggers, Lauren and Jamie!
     I got this entire outfit at Forever! I didn't even realize it until now!

For some reason I feel like an ice skater in this outfit...maybe its the skate-like boots and the christmas sweater!


Well I'm off to a Super Bowl party... I think I'm rooting for the Giants, purely to avenge the Saints' loss.
Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

Sweater, skirt (dress) necklace and boots- F21


Two Buttons said...

Love the sweater, I've been looking for one like this for a while.
xx Jane

Kezzie said...

Hello back to you! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, I LOVE this outfit! Everything is sooooo fab! (do you realise just how like Angelina Jolie you look in that first picture?!)
I love brown and turquoise together! Aaaaa so want to be wearing this outfit!!!! Yes, definite WW2 skater girl! Have you read Whiteboots by Noel Streatfield? You make me think of the girl in that! What's her name- Harriet?!

vintage process said...

Great pictures ! I love it!

Jamie Rose said...

You look adorable! I really love the sweater over the pretty blue pleated skirt. And your boots are fantastic too!

Two Buttons said...

You are incredibly pretty. And I love your boots. You have a very unique and awesome blog.

xx Emily

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