Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guest Post from Jamie of Petite Panoply!

I'd like to welcome Jamie Rose from Petite Panoply! I came across Jamie's blog not too long ago, and instantly loved her cute and classic style. (Also, great minds must think alike, because both of my guest post-ers wore red tights!) Thanks so much for guest posting, Jamie!
<3 Miranda

Hello! I'm Jamie from Petite Panoply.

I'm so happy to be guest posting for Miranda's blog! Here's a little outfit I put together to wear to class today. One of my favorite color combinations is red, black, and white. Red and black are also my school colors, go figure! 

skirt: thrifted
cardigan: so...; kohls
top, bow: forever 21
tights: kmart
shoes: xhileration; target

I've been really into print mixing lately so I decided to throw on these leopard print flats in the morning. I like it! Plus the bow matches.

I'm just lounging casually by the stone wall.


I hope you enjoyed my guest post as much as I enjoyed making it. Have a happy day!


Two Buttons said...

The black skirt in these pictures is gorgeous. Your guest post sections are always great.

ellie said...

Awesome outfit! Love the bow! Great thrifting, too.

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