Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello, Blogging World! I STILL EXIST!

Well. It seems that my last post was on August 2, 2012. Today is April 24, 2013. I have been gone for a WHILE.

This happened because I got really busy and eventually...forgot my password. Aaaaand my email address.


But anyway, last night I suddenly had an epiphany, remembered my email, ran downstairs, and reset my email and password.


I cannot tell you how much I've missed seeing all of your blogs! Since I couldn't get into my news feed, it was hard to remember all of the blogs I follow, so I couldn't keep up. But just seeing all of your blogs again gave me so much inspiration and I had to get back to blogging as soon as possible!

A lot has happened since August (such as my second blog anniversary!), but I'll catch up on that later. Right now I can't wait to look at everyone's blogs again!

These pictures were taken back in January, which explain my gloves and coat. It's a BIT warmer here now. I got my swing coat on clearance in Chicago, and I bought the gloves at a thrift store for my costume in the play last year.

Until next time!
Dress - Forever 21
Coat - Rachel Roy
Tights - Target
Shoes - DSW
Gloves - Thrifted


throughtwoblueeyes said...

Oh. my. gosh. You're back! Yay! I have missed your posts, Miranda!! I was wondering what happened to one of my favorite bloggers! :)

You should be a model. Just saying. :)


Rebekah Bradford said...

So you've inspired me to wear the gloves that have just been sitting in my closet forever!

Kenziefaith said...

Your pictures are so amazing! Love your outfit.

Are you going to SCAD? You'll have to email me -!

Adora Mehitabel said...

Wow beautiful photos! In love with your look! Xxx

Audrey Peeters said...

Love those pictures, i just love your dress.

x Audrey

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Ahhh, SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK! I've been thinking about you and hoping that you'd come back to blogging because I missed your gorgeous outfits + photos and your infectious smile. Can't wait to read more on what you've been up to! x

Milex said...

only ahh and ohh.

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Oh gosh, this look is honestly gorgeous! <3 I especially love how your tights match your coat lining. I'm such a matchy matchy type person (no, seriously, matching really excites me!) so this is utter brilliance. SO glad to have stumbled upon your blog!

Lost in the Haze

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