Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gatsby Party

     Recently my boyfriend and three of his best friends has a 1920s themed murder mystery party for graduation...yeah, I was excited beyond belief! I found a few pictures from before the party and wanted to share them!

     It was so much fun getting ready. My hair took forever to get right, though. But I look for any excuse to wear my flapper dress, and this was perfect! Luckily I had fake cigarettes and a cigarette holder from being in Hello, Dolly! two years ago, too.
     The party was so much fun - has anyone else ever been to a murder mystery party? There are lies, bribery, and or course murder. I survived, but alas, Kylan did not!
     Well, that's all from me today. I'm busy working and babysitting and then going to see Man of Steel tonight. Have a great day, everyone!

Dress and Necklace - White House Black Market


Ice Pandora said...

That sound like a fun
theme to party! Nice
vintage dresses c: XX

Rose-et-Violet said...

You both look lovely! I've never been to a real murder mystery party before (the closest thing I got to that was a live Harry Potter themed Clue game a club at my high school hosted a few years back) but it sounds like so much fun!


Jamie said...

Wow what fun outfits! I would love to attend a murder mystery party one day, it sounds like a hoot! :D oooh, and you have fake cigarettes and cigarette holder too, how awesome!


charmeuse said...

Amazing photos! ;)

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