Monday, June 30, 2014

Down to Business

Calvin was clearly not as happy with this as I was. The first few pictures were of me casually texting...and being interrupted! Pardon my glaring. Anyway, I'd like to get some business done in this post (maybe it's because of the blazer?). 

Thank you to my 100 followers! I'm amazed and flattered that I have that many, and I thank everyone who takes the time to glance at my blog and leave a comment. If I haven't seen your blog yet, please follow and leave a comment for me, and I'll try my best to run right over to check yours out!

I'd like to point out the Chictopia button on the right of the page. I've started updating it along with my blog, so I'd love to hear from you on Chictopia as well! Just click on the button, or search for LittlePocketwatch.

I would like your feedback. I'd like to start getting into more of a routine with my blogging, but it's hard to keep up with just outfit posts all the time. What else can I add that y'all would like to see? Videos? Wish Lists? Guest Posts? Instagram type pictures? My inspirations? Please leave a comment with what you would like to see from me!

Well, now that that's taken care of, my shirt is from Anthropologie, my blazer is from Ann Taylor Loft, my bag is Jessica Simpson, my shoes are thrifted, my jeans are from Old Navy, and my cuff bracelet is from Forever 21 (clearly I wear it all the time). That's all for now! Don't forget to leave a comment with your opinions!


Jamie said...

Hahaha! The cat's face!!! I love it! :D

I would love to see your wish lists and inspirations, that would neat! Also Instagram pictures are always fun. :D


Denisa said...

Nice and great blazer.

Kezzie said...

That is a pretty outfit. Calvin is cute!!! (He's the cat, right?)
I tend to read whatever so write and I'll read. Not so fond of constant PR posts but I like most other things! And I've been following you for quite a long while now but not sure if you've ever paid me a visit or not, I doubt it so it'd be nice if you did say hi! My blog isn't particularly exciting, v waffle and chatty but it is varied and I've been doing it over 9 years now! x

Justine Prabucki said...

Congrats on 100 followers! Id love to see wish lists, its fun to find new products through bloggers wish lists, some that you may have never found otherwise. Also I think guest posts would be cool! I love finding new bloggers from ones I already follow! Ive been thinking about trying to do guest posts also, so if you do end up thinking about doing them let me know maybe we could guest post on each others! I don't mind instagram posts but sometimes I find them redundent if you already follow the blogger on instagram.

Jodi H said...

I love your yellow pumps. Great pop of color!

Eleanor Rose said...

Lovely outfit, your blazer is gorgeous!
And congrats on 100 followers, you just got another :)

Arden said...

Your blazer - amazing, to die for. xx


Brini G said...

love love love your outfit! I so want those shoes, super cute. Great post (:

Valerie said...

this look is cute loving the shoes and the cat!

Sabrina said...

I love the gorgeous details of your top! And it's really nice how you styled the white and grey with the mustard yellow shoes.


Lauren said...

Calvin is too cute! Lovely look. Esp. those jeans. They look like a good pair of jeans LOL they can be hard to find sometimes..

Tesa Jurjaševič said...

lovely look!

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