Monday, June 16, 2014

Windsor Ruins: An Adventure

For Father's Day, my family went on a day trip to Windsor Ruins, a famous landmark in Mississippi with a fascinating history!

Windsor Ruins, or simply "Windsor" as it used to be called, was a plantation built around 1860. The mansion was three stories tall, and had an incredible view of the Mississippi- Mark Twain famously stayed at Windsor to observe the river. The cost of building the house would have been about 4 million today!

Ironically, Windsor survived the entire Civil War, but when a houseguest carelessly dropped a cigar onto a pile of wood in 1890, the entire house was burned to the ground. Now all that survives are 23 crumbling columns. The ruins are rumored to be haunted by a Union Soldier who died at the house when it was used as a hospital during the war...

Well that's a basic summary of Windsor Ruins! I love going there, and would love to go back and spend a day picnicking and reading. The last picture was taken in an old "dogtrot" house at another historical park in Mississippi (our trip turned into an impromptu history tour). My overalls and boots are from the store where I work, and the shirt was thrifted.

I'll leave you with a famous picture of Windsor Ruins taken by Eudora Welty (if you don't know her writing or photography, please look her up- she was incredibly talented.)


Justine Prabucki said...

Oooh I love hearing about history and places that I didnt even know existed. I do think its funny, maybe not in a haha way but an ironic way when things like that occur, to survive a war only to be ruined by a careless guest. Sounds like a fun Father's Day! I love exploring places even if they are nearby! Thanks for commenting on my adventures post, I loved reading about yours!

Nagham Cararah said...

Your look is very sweet! I love it...the perfect outfit for an adventure!

Laura Clark said...

I just stumbled upon your blog! Lovely pictures. These overalls are simply perfect.


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