Tuesday, July 8, 2014

One of Those Days


I'm rather sick today (hurrah), so this outfit was from a few weeks ago. It's not my most exciting, so I apologize, but I'm glad I had it left over so I could post it today!

Just so you know, the two smaller pictures are of me pouting about how hot it was outside...I'm not showing off my dramatic modeling skills (which are sorely lacking)! Also, I apologize for always wearing sunglasses in my posts lately...I just noticed that!

My Fourth of July was wonderful! My family entered a boat contest at the lake and won Most Patriotic Boat - and the award was a statue of a bald eagle! We decorated the boat and sang "God Bless America" while waving flags and setting off poppers. My boyfriend dressed up like Uncle Sam and played his guitar...needless to say, we deserved the win! (Not that we're overly competitive or anything...)

My sweater is from the store where I work, my leggings, bracelet, and bag are from Forever 21, and my boots are thrifted.

I've got some new features coming to the blog soon, so stay tuned! As for today, I'm going to watch Netflix and sleep as much as possible...


Kezzie said...

A lovely chilled back look and your modelling skills are very good!!! x

Jodi H said...

Cute and I love this deep shade.


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