Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Outtakes: Take 4

I'm excited to bring back this segment of my blog...outtakes! When we shoot my pictures, there is usually a lot of laughing, goofing off, acting awkward, and yes, fake smiling. But I love seeing pictures that are a little crazy and very me. So I hereby give you Miranda's Outtakes, Take 4 - a little reminder not to take me (or yourself) too seriously!

This is what happens when I'm instructed to casually look at my phone.

And this is the reality of thinking we're taking a close up detail shot.

Balancing for shoe shots is more difficult than it looks.

 Really the only question here is, why am I voluntarily putting this on the internet? Don't ask me. I sure don't know. But it's funny, and I hope you get a kick out of it. 
Have a wonderful day everyone, and goof off a bit!


Kezzie said...

Ha ha, I like them!!! The question is, just why do you have a hair band in your mouth??????? X

Eleanor Rose said...

Ahha, this is hilarious! I love all these pictures! NEED to look at your other out-takes posts now XD


Teryn said...

Hahahaha yeeeeees! I'm so very glad you brought this post series back because I need it in my life! I love it and you are *still* lovely!
Love xo, (kiss/hug or...hug/kiss..which one's which?!)
Rucksack Diaries

Jamie Rose D. said...

Ahaha I love outtake posts! I really need to put one of these together myself!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

Diana Cloudlet said...

Dear, I’d like to say that your blog is awesome! And everything is amazing! I like your design, your photos and your style!

will be happy if you find a minute to visit my blog)


Sampada said...
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Sampada said...

Love these :)
Taking detail shots is always a bit strange...My face is always doing its own thing haha.


Jamie said...

These are priceless! Second from the top is my favorite; you're so cute! And the umbrella one! Haha!


lisa said...

Haha- these are awesome! It's definitely important not to take outfit pictures too seriously :) What a fun post!

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