Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day Trip to NOLA


Well, I'm officially all moved into my apartment at school! We're still trying to fix a few things (like a leaking sink, a lack of a new dishwasher, and no internet until yesterday), but it's going to be very nice! I'm so excited for classes - I started my first sewing class and textile design class yesterday! I've also gotten a job photographing and possibly writing for a school magazine.

Anyway, this day trip to New Orleans was before I left for school. We went for my brother's birthday and because my dad was already there for work. We ate lunch at Stanley's on the square, then headed to Cafe du Monde, obviously. I enjoy the familiarity of the touristy spots, personally - but it was also fun to explore back alleys and side streets that I didn't know were there.

This skirt, which always gets lots of compliments, was my mom's in the 90s...I found it in my old dress-up drawer a year or so ago and realized I could wear it! My shoes are Korks, which are super comfy and good for long periods of walking (hello, college).

I'm still trying to work on how to get pictures while here at school, so bear with me! I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Kezzie said...

Oooh, the skirt is pretty Miranda!!! The place you visited sounds cool as are the cute balloons!!! Good luck on the outfit shots. You need a tripod- I lost mine for 8 months so my father in law gave me an amazing new one last week or so!!! I hate winter for that though. As a teacher, I'm not out of school till 6 and then it is dark!! X

Jamie said...

Wonderful shots! :)


Amy Welch said...

girl, I am loving that skirt, how gorgeous!

Wild Flower said...

I love your outfit! Seems like a lovely trip as well :) xx

Amanda said...

Looks like such a fun little adventure before school started. Hope your classes are going well!

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Justine Prabucki said...

Ooh Ive been dying to go to New Orleans. I love these photos. I also wear some of my moms vintage clothes! Its always great when you can do that, it adds something special to your outfit and that skirt is adorable to boot.

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