Friday, August 8, 2014

Featured Blogger: Someone Like You

Please welcome one of my very favorite bloggers, Lauren from Someone Like You! She was one of the first bloggers I came in contact with and has always been so sweet and supportive. I really admire her style, but I especially admire that her blog has gained popularity through her completely being herself no matter what others think. Thanks, Lauren, for taking the time to talk with me!

Name, age, and location?
Lauren, 21, Ohio!

What is the story behind your blog title?
It's hard to explain exactly (but it does make sense in my mind!), but it's actually named after one of my favorite books, Someone Like You. At the time, I just loved how the book and the title expressed the notion that we're all a 'someone like you.' I still do love the title of my blog, but it's just something hard to explain to people. Wish I would have picked something a bit easier!

How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start?
Oh man, it's going on five years here in November! I was a sophomore in high school and still trying to develop my personal style, so my English teacher at the time suggested I do that by taking pictures of my every day outfits. And thus, my blog was born!

How do you deal with criticism or negativity about your blog?
It was really, really hard at first when I would get negative comments or feedback. As a sensitive person, it just tore me apart that someone didn't like me and what I was doing. I would cry and just beat myself up over it! Thankfully, over time I realized that when you put yourself out on the simply cannot. please. everyone. It's impossible. You have to do things for you and the way you love them, and if you manage to make yourself proud, than that's the best you can do.

What advice would you give to new bloggers on staying dedicated, branching out, and making their blog grow?
Not forcing it! It's easy to be very gung-ho about everything at first when it's exciting and new...but after time, blogging can become hard with a busy life, uninspiring, and discouraging when you don't get the reach you want. Sticking with it and not just blogging for other people but for YOU makes all the difference in staying motivated and dedicated. When you're blogging for others...blogging loses the fun and creative release it should have and it'll be harder to post because you're just doing it for views. But when you put out creative content that you do for you, you're going to be so satisfied with yourself and what you've accomplished and want to do it again and again.

Has having a blog helped/influenced your career, helped you get a job, or gotten you contacts with people?
Without a doubt! I know that it's brought me in connection with a lot of people and brought about amazing opportunities I would have otherwise not had. For my job at being a sales associate at Aero, it didn't help me get the job, but it has elevated me into more specialty positions within the store dealing with styling and social media. I hope that perhaps the hard work will show after I graduate from college, too, and aid me in finding a job in the fashion industry!

Do you have any tips for writing good content that will draw readers in?
I think writing with honesty has always worked really well for me. I love to relate to people and show them all the sides of who I am. It has brought about a connection with my readers I never thought possible.

How has branching into other types of social media for your blog changed your results?
Social media is EVERYTHING in blogging! I took a social media strategies class is past semester which was so informative and it really instilled into my brain how social networks are the source and lifeblood of everything. These sites widen your audience and give you different, unique platforms for aiding your blog!

How do you get/choose sponsors for your blog?
I actually don't do much sponsoring or make any money from my blog. I really try and make it as non-profit as possible because that's just what works for me! I know that I don't personally like reading a ton of sponsored posts and seeing all c/o takes away from the authenticity of the blog. But sometimes I do take up sponsorship opportunities when companies reach out to me. To get them to reach out, I think just being a unique, individual voice in the blogging world help you gets noticed! 

What is the best and worst (be honest!) part about blogging?
The worst? If I'm honest? The emails. They just overwhelm me! It's not that I don't love receiving them (because I just stated above my favorite part is connecting with people!), but I just get a lot where sometimes my brain goes a little haywire and has to step away because I can't keep up with them...and then it takes forever to get back to people, and then I feel bad...and then it's just this endless cycle over and over again for me! I really need to set aside time to dedicate to emails every week so I just don't get so overwhelmed and anxious about them. 
Best: the friends you make and people you connect with. It's phenomenal and I have developed just the most inspirational, loving support group I could ever ask for. 


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