Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Red + Polka Dots

Hello! I just got home from a lovely trip to the beach, so I've been missing from the blogging world for a few days! There was hardly any service there, which was nice. It's good to put your phone away once in a while. 

These photos were so fun to take! This outfit is just so me, so I was very happy with it. My brother asked why I was dressed as Minnie Mouse, though...which I personally take as a compliment! We are going to Disney this December - maybe I'll add mouse ears (and some tights) to this outfit!

The crop top is from Forever 21, and the shorts (yes, they're shorts - not an insanely short skirt) are from Target. The shoes are from an outlet store called Cotton On, and they are falling apart. I need some new Keds before I go back to school.

I hope everyone has a great day! I'll be back soon!


Kezzie said...

You look unbelievably cute today!!! Also you are v brave to jump on such a small platform!!! I love this combo! I wore shorts today and I loved the freedom of them!! By the way, I finally did your Liebster tag. Sorry it took me so long!! X

Sampada said...

Love this look, and your brother is on point with that Minnie Mouse comment! I feel like this outfit would be so appropriate for Disney :)


Eleanor Rose said...

Gorgeous shorts! I have such a weakness for polka dots. And it's certainly very Minnie Mouse. So cute!

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Jamie said...

Such a cute outfit!!!


Jana K said...

oh my goodness! you look so adorable!! Polka dots are the best :)

Rebekah Bradford said...

Oh, I LOVE Cotton On--I've found some really cute stuff from there. Also, I'm probably going to Disney this winter too--that would make a great outfit to wear there :)

Teryn said...

I'm catching up on all I missed and MIRANDA! These pictures are freaking adorable!!! I love this combo and you are perfect, as always!! The jumping picture is so fantastic! Love you dear, keep up the magical work!
Teryn, The Rucksack Diaries (http://www.diariesofarucksack.com/)

Jamie Rose D. said...

I love little loose shorts like these and they're especially cute in polka dots! The red top is a great match for them. You look adorable!

Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

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