Monday, September 15, 2014



I saw this cat tank at Walmart for $3 and bought it without question. The skirt is from Target, so I guess my whole outfit was bought along with groceries...hmm. Not sure if I should celebrate that.

I think I'm getting the hang of this taking-my-own-pictures thing! It's not my favorite option, but it is my best one right now. I've just got this thing where I love taking pictures, and do that at my job, and I also like doing outfit posts...but I can't be both photographer and model. If I could just stay behind the camera, I would!

Classes are going along fine. I'm going to post some of my drawings and sewing samples and such! It's great to be studying something that makes me excited. I'm not doing busy work...I'm learning things that will allow me to be more creative and inventive! It's just super fun, and I think that's how a college major should be!

(P.S. It was so difficult to come up with a name fur this post. I tried to avoid cat-astrophe and find the purrfect one, but I think I may have just picked something clawful. Please pawdon me.)


Kezzie said...

Bad puns Miranda!!! ;-)
Ha, I love your tank- yes you had to get it. Our Walmart version in the Uk is Asda and I bought a really cute cat top from the kids department (I am the same size as the size 14-15 on my top half) and I was so happy with it and a watermelon satchel but I forgot to pick the carrier bag and some horrid person nicked my bag by the time I got back! So sad.

Miranda said...

Thanks, Kezzie! I can't tell you how many times I look at the kids' section and wish I could wear those clothes. Jealous XD

Jamie Rose D. said...

Ahaha oh the cat wordplay. So good. So is your awesome cat print shirt! It's adorable on you.

Jamie |

Jamie said...

Kitties! Always the perfect option for clothes! :D Glad to hear your classes are going well. :)


Justine Prabucki said...

Ah I love all the cat puns. Also Isn't it just brilliant to be studying something you love! Also I would love to see your sewing samples and such. I say there is nothing wrong with getting an outfit along with groceries ;) ultimate multitasking

Francesca said...

haha you are so cute! Love the top!!


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