Monday, September 1, 2014


Can you tell that I'm dying of heatstroke in these pictures? Yes? Oh well. I went out looking for a good place to take pictures, and didn't take a lick of water with me. Smart move.

It turns out my campus has Civil War ruins! I think these are a recreation, but still - it's a beautiful little area and it'll be a great place for a picnic sometime.

This was my first venture in taking pictures myself - and I realize now that my hand is up in the blogger pose in nearly every shot! Oops. I also got a few strange looks from passers-by, but nothing I couldn't handle. I'll definitely be shooting here again!

I wore this outfit on my first day of school - I love these shorts. Can you see the bow in the back? I got them for $12.99 at TJ Maxx. I usually don't shop there, but these were a good find.

It's been a good long weekend, and I'm super relieved that I've finally been able to take some pictures! How was everyone's weekend?


Kezzie said...

Ha, that pose is called, "I feel a twit doing this by myself!!!" - I do it all the time!
You look pretty- nice shorts- I really like TK Maxx!x

Jamie said...

I do love those shorts!!!!


Styleofblonde said...

Love your shorts, the pattern is so cute!

Teryn said...

Great shoot, Mda! You did a fantastic job on your own- you totes got this girl! I'm in love with that rock wall you're balancing on too, by the way...just thought I'd let you know!
xo, Teryn
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Justine Prabucki said...

Haha the blogger pose. Ah I do the same pose in like every photo, I figure whatever Im not a model but I try. Also thats so cool that your school has those, its such an idyllic place for some photos. Also I am so bad at take photos myself but I know with winter coming I really need to invest in a tripod so I can take some photos indoors on my own.

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