Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween, Beasties


 Happy day after Halloween!

Here's my costume that I wore a few weeks ago to a party...and just had to bring out again for the real deal! A friend at school threw a Disney Villain Halloween party, so I chose Maleficent - since I always get "You look just like Angelina Jolie" comments.

I had the dress (Target) and the cape, and I made the horns out of a headband, pool floaties, bendable wire, paper towels, and duct tape. My staff was a kid-sized rake (minus the rake) covered in duct tape, a painted foam ball, and a perfect raven someone happened to already have.

The makeup was so fun to do! I loved Kandee Johnson's tutorial. I can't do a tutorial because I know nothing about make up, and bought the cheapest things I could find! 

What were you for Halloween? I'd love to see pictures if they're on your blog! 
Have a great weekend, everyone!


Jamie said...


Yesterday I saw quite a few Maleficent costumes but yours is by far the most elegant and Not-Cheap-Looking that I've seen! Great job!!


Kezzie said...

You really do look like angelina jolie!!! The costume is brilliant!!!! I am a little scared!!!!! X

Jamie Rose D. said...

Awesome Halloween costume! I think this turned out great!

Jamie |

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