Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scarf Season

Hello! It's finally getting colder, and (some of) the leaves are changing! Fall comes slowly here, but then winter comes fast. Oh well. 

I really love this outfit. This is my favorite scarf; my mom ordered it for both of us (meaning she found it, which she's very proud if). The top and scarf are from Nordstrom, the skirt is from Target, and the boots and bag are from Forever 21.  And the critters in the last picture are Calvin and Aubie! They like to find their way into my pictures.

In class I'm currently sewing a blouse, which I feel good about, and creating my own collection in Fashion Illustration - it's harder than it seems! I'm struggling to come up with a cohesive inspiration, but hopefully something will come to me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! 
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Kezzie said...

I adore this outfit!!! Really cute and you know, that scarf has a Tom Baker (4th Doctor) vibe about it! The animals are so cute too! Can't wait to see your blouse/shirt- do share when finished.
Oh and thank you for mentioning Dr Who, honestly, I have not been able to talk to anyone about it- no one has watched it!!!!!!x
I didn't believe the Danny and Clara relationship either. There didn't seem any chemistry, they were just awkward with each other. I HOPE she doesn't leave- I really like her aprt!x

Jamie said...

Your scarf is so pretty! I have a few but not as cute as that! <3


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