Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Home is Where Your Coffee Roasts

This tee was my last (who am I kidding, it was my only) purchase over Christmas break! It's from a local coffee shop that my friends and I love.

Speaking of meeting in coffee shops, the fact that Friends is now on Netflix has drastically increased the amount of TV I watch. I'm already on season three, I think! And speaking of Netflix in general, I can't believe they're taking Doctor Who off in February. It's outrageous. I'll be lost without it.

In real life news, the semester has started and my stress levels are up! It's crazy that I'm about halfway through college. Why did high school take so long while college flies by?

I hope everyone is having a less stressful week than I am...and if not, take time to relax and have a cup of coffee or read a book or marathon Friends. Who knows, maybe I'll take my own advice.

(Skirt: Forever 21, Cardigan: Target, Boots: Wanted)


Samantha Smith said...

Those boots are so cute! And I love the tshirt.

What? They're taking Doctor Who off? I've desperately been trying to get into that series starting with the 9th Doctor, but I just can't bring myself past some of the cheesiness of that season. I guess now is my last chance to become a Whovian!

Jamie said...

I need those boots. SO. CUTE. <3

I think I would be sadder about Doctor Who, but I have the seasons I love on DVD already (it was a wonderful Christmas present!) I feel bad when Netflix takes things down, though, they're removing Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood soon. :(


Kezzie said...

What???? No Doctor Who?????? Quellle disaster!!!
Cute outfit, the skirt is darling!!!

Rebekah Bradford said...

What? They're taking Doctor Who off of Netflix?? They can't do that! Speaking of Netflix, and Friends, I'm actually watching an episode from season 3 right now!

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